What is OnJam?
OnJam is where artists perform, connect with fans and make a living online.

We're a business committed to bringing performers and their fans closer together. We believe that artists should be able to earn a living (not a pittance) performing online, manage and communicate with their supporters and fans directly, and stream or showcase their filmed shows in high definition. We believe that people should be able to watch shows from anywhere in the world.

How does OnJam benefit artists?
OnJam connects artists, creators and venues with their fans or supporters all over the world.

We provide all the infrastructure to host and monetise your online concerts or performances:
High definition video streaming that's free and easy to use
The tools to monetise your online shows and videos without the admin hassle: flexible ticketing, authenticated access, secure online payments, automated access emails for your audiences...
Artist dashboard and interactive features to grow and directly engage with your global fans and supporters now, and in future

How much do artists earn with OnJam?
Artists, creators or venues (basically anyone making a show) set their own pricing. They earn eighty-five percent (85%) of revenue minus payment processing fees, which typically come to 1-3%, depending on the size of the transaction and where in the world the fan is paying from. OnJam takes a cut of 15% to cover video and streaming costs: artists don't pay for this. So if a fan pays £10 for a ticket, the artist takes home £8.20-£8.40. Simple as that. There are no additional fees. The platform is free for artists.

For more details, see the 'for artists' portion of this page.

When you say "artists," who do you mean exactly?
By "artists," we mean performers and groups of all kinds: musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, magicians... if it's on a stage, OnJam is for you. We think of ourselves as an inclusive digital venue, and we welcome artists from all backgrounds and genres. To register as an artist, click here.

How does OnJam benefit fans and supporters?
With OnJam, you can watch musicians of all types, theatrical shows, comedy and more from anywhere in the world. You can easily discover new acts you’ll love. You can directly support your favourite performers, bands, venues or arts organisations, and interact with them in glorious high definition video with high quality audio. If you’re lucky, you might even join private gigs, see behind-the-scenes footage or VIP events… but that’s up to you.

How does OnJam make money?
OnJam earns 15% of revenues earned on the platform.

Why is it called OnJam?
Because… that’s our jam. Come jam with us. You’re on jam. OnJam.
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