At OnJam, we're on a mission to share thrilling online performances with audiences, and empower artists to make meaningful incomes online. Tickets to shows are one part of this. Tip jars are another.

Tip jars appear on Artists' public profiles and enable them to receive payments between shows or even if they don't have a show on just yet. Tip amounts can be large or small, from fans that artists know or from new supporters.

To receive tips, OnJam artists just need to have connected their Stripe account to OnJam. If you've already done this to sell tickets, there's nothing more to do.

The artist (or arts organisation) gets 95% of your tip minus payment processing, which is typically 1-3%. So if somebody tips £25, the artist gets £23.37. The person tipping doesn't need to log in to OnJam or buy a ticket to a show. They can write a nice note to the artist along with their tip, or they can do it anonymously.

Try it out and tell us what you think!
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