If the video isn't playing, make sure you've completed the following steps.

1. Refresh your browser.

2. Check you're running the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari - we recommend using Chrome for the best experience.

3. If using an iPhone or iPad, make sure you're running iOS 10 or later.

4. Run a browser speed test- you will need a minimum of 2 Mbps to watch any video. For HD video will require at least 5 Mbps and 4K video will require a minimum of 25 Mbps to play smoothly.

5. Logout and restart your browser.

NOTE - Please keep the video page open at all times. Closing the page or turning off your device screen may disconnect you from our server and prevent playback

If the above steps have not resolved the issue please email support@onjam.tv and the OnJam support team will happily assist you.
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