OnJam is built to bring artists and fans closer together. We hope you’ll love supporting your favourite artists here and perhaps discover some new ones too!

Step 1: Buy a ticket to a show
If you like the look of a show, why not buy a ticket and support the artist(s)? Artists or creators set their own pricing, and the artist earns eighty-five percent (85%) of the revenue, minus any payment processing fees (1-3%, depending on the size of the transaction and where in the world you're paying from). OnJam's cut is 15% so we can make our service free to artists.

Step 2: Check your email
Open your inbox. Your digital ticket awaits! Tell your friends that you have nabbed a ticket to this fantastic show. Consider buying a gift ticket for your friend, who you know will love it.

Step 3: Join the audience
Just before the scheduled start time, click on your digital ticket link to join the audience. Don’t worry, we will send you reminders 24 hours before and 1 hour before the start time so you don’t have to dig through your inbox.

Step 4: Enjoy the show!
Watch in awe and admiration at the talent on your screen. It’s up to you how you watch: dressed up to the nines with your big TV screen and top-of-the-line speakers, or in your PJs on a laptop or other device. Either way, you’ll be part of a global community of fans accessing exclusive performances by incredible artists from the comfort of your home. Enjoy it!

Step 5: Tell the artist(s) how much you loved it
Send the artist(s) a nice message in the live chat during the show. If you like, sign up for a (free) Members Account so you can access all your shows in one place and follow any artist or group on OnJam.

And lastly: come back soon -- we’re constantly adding new artists and groups and ways to interact with your favourite artists...

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