We’ve designed OnJam for artists and your fans. It’s free and easy to use.

Step 1: Register for an artist account
It takes about 1 minute to create an account with OnJam. It's free. In the final step, you’ll tell us a bit about yourself as an artist or performer. An actual person will review this last bit, so you’ll receive your official welcome email in 2-3 days (or less).

Step 2: Create a show
Log in to your Artist Account and schedule your first show. Pick a time for your show and fill in the details: Is it a livestream? Is it a film or video you created? It’s up to you. With OnJam, artists set their own ticket prices and can create as many types of tickets as they like.

Step 3: Hit publish and sell tickets
Once you’re ready, you’ll publish your show. Now it’s time to spread the word on social media, email lists, with flyers around your neighbourhood, by shouting from the rooftops! Check your OnJam Artist Dashboard to see how your revenue is doing and what your fans are up to. OnJam artists earn 85% of revenue minus payment processing fees, which typically come to 1-3% depending on the size of the transaction and where in the world the fan is paying from. OnJam takes a cut of 15% to cover video and streaming costs. There are no additional fee and we don't hold your money, so payouts are fast.

Step 4: Perform for your adoring global audience
A few minutes before your show is scheduled to start, you’ll click ‘start’ (duh). Your audience members will arrive, and you’ll do your thing. Cue the applause!

Step 5: Enjoy it!
Watch the audience comments roll in and see your global fan base grow. Look in stunned amazement as your bank balance flourishes. When’s your next OnJam show? Your fans and supporters are asking...
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