OnJam provides a free, integrated service for high quality video streaming and secure, authenticated payments for access.

Here are the main ways OnJam is better than using other video-streaming sites and handling your own ticket sales...

You’ll look and sound significantly better than Zoom or YouTube. We stream in HD / 4K video and with 320 Kbps audio

You won't pay anything to use OnJam's ticketing or video streaming services. OnJam does not charge you for uploading or streaming videos. It operates on a commission model: OnJam takes 15% of ticket sales and 5% of tips to the artist. So if you sell $0 in tickets, you'll pay $0.

You'll have more control over how you monetise your videos and livestreams. With OnJam, we've made it easy to create multiple tiers or types of tickets at different prices, do 'pay what you want,' group shows together to form a series, offer special discount codes to your top fans, make your beautiful performance films available to watch on demand so you can earn money as you sleep... and more!

You can cut down on the admin. OnJam takes care of the emails to your audience members: order confirmations, ticket access, reminder emails... you don't need to do anything.

You own your fanbase. We don't hide data from you: quite the opposite, we believe it's yours! As long as audience members opt-in to sharing their data with you for marketing purposes, you are free to email them. We comply with GDPR, and we respect people's privacy. You should too.

Ticket-holders can’t just forward the link to your online concert. OnJam's tickets are secure, authenticated and only work on one device at a time. This means you don't miss out on income you're entitled to.

People can buy a gift ticket for a friend or family member. Not only is this a lovely present to receive, it also supports the artists more!

You'll get paid faster. OnJam doesn't hold your moneys, and we don't require any minimums before payout. Payout times are typically 1-5 days.

Audience members and fans can send you a tip or donation (with a personalised note, if they feel like it) at any time! You'll immediately receive an email confirming that this has occurred, and you'll see the funds in your bank account very soon after.

You'll get more audience data and insights. All OnJam artists get their own personalised dashboard, with real-time information about ticket sales, where people are buying and watching from, and more.

Excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on giving excellent support when it's needed, with a personal touch and a smile.

That’s not to mention all the other bells and whistles OnJam provides…
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