OnJam provides a free, integrated service for high quality video streaming and secure, authenticated payments for access.

This means:
You’ll look and sound significantly better than Zoom or YouTube. We stream in HD / 4K video and with 320 Kbps audio
You won't pay anything to use OnJam's ticketing or video streaming services. OnJam does not charge you for uploading or streaming videos
You'll have more control over how you monetise your videos and livestreams. With OnJam, we've made it easy to create multiple tiers or types of tickets at different prices (minimum is £5), do 'pay what you want,' group shows together to form a series, offer special discount codes to your top fans, make your beautiful performance films available to watch on demand so you can earn money as you sleep... and more
Ticket-holders can’t just forward the link to somebody who hasn’t got a ticket
People can buy a gift ticket for a friend or family member, and it will be similarly secure
You'll get paid faster because we don't hold your money. Payout times depend on our payment processing partner and are typically 1-5 days
Once logged in, OnJam audience members can see all their shows in one place (no more hunting through your inbox!) and OnJam artists get a dashboard with their latest sales and fan activity

That’s not to mention all the other bells and whistles OnJam provides…
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