OnJam connects artists, creators and venues with their fans or supporters all over the world. We provide all the infrastructure to host and monetise your online concerts or performances.

1. High definition video streaming that's free and easy to use
Specifications: HD/4K video and 320 Kbps audio
Flexible formats for your online shows include live, recorded broadcast, on demand, interactive pre-show or post-show events & more
Works on any device including smart TVs. No download required

2. Monetise your online shows and videos without the admin hassle
Secure, flexible tickets: tiers, bundles, 'pay what you like,' give a gift ticket
Additional ways to monetise: tip jars, add physical goods (like a CD or t-shirt) to your tickets, discount codes
Authenticated access so only the ticket buyer and gift recipients can experience your show. All fully automated.
_* Coming soon: subscriptions, group tickets and more...

3. Artist dashboard and interactive features to grow and directly engage with your global fans and supporters now, and in future
Stay connected to your existing supporters, and find new ones too
Check your Artist Dashboard to see how you're doing no sales and follow your fan activity
When physical venues reopen and touring resumes, you can tell your OnJam fans directly about your upcoming gigs

Favourable financial terms
OnJam is free. Registered performers, creators or organisations can create as many shows as they like on OnJam, and there's no limit on how many tickets you sell or how much you earn. There are no upload fees or streaming fees.

Artists, creators or venues (basically anyone making a show) set their own prices, and can create as many types of tickets as they like. They earn 85% of revenue minus payment processing fees, which typically come to 1-3% depending on the size of the transaction and where in the world the fan is paying from. OnJam takes a cut of 15% to cover video and streaming costs: artists don't pay anything to use the platform. So if a fan pays £10 for a ticket, the artist takes home £8.20-£8.40. Simple as that. No additional fees. The platform is free for artists.

OnJam also gives artists direct access to their subscribers and followers, so if you’re a top fan you might be able to get a personal message from them if you ask nicely! Each artist account comes with a personal dashboard, so you can always see who’s supporting you.
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